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Hvem er redd for den store stygge

Performance, Video 2017

There is an estimated  80 wolves in Norwegian territory, 30 of which are based in Norway and 50 which roam the boarders with Russia and Sweden. Wolves are inherently part of Norway, but depending on which side of the fence you are, they are either a menace or a natural part of the eco system. The debate is also a constant discussion with politicians. There are those on the right that have claimed that because the wolves were migrating between the countries borders, they were not ethnically Norwegian. These are the same politicians who propose hard sanctions against the influx of refugees and immigrants into the country. The parallels between these topics becomes highlighted in the the work Hvem er red for den store stygge. The video work poses questions surrounding both the wolf in Norway and the current refugee influx into Europe. The wolf character I have created is taking the view point of an immigrant. The narration over the video is made up of both fictionalized text and actual quotes collected from immigrants and refugees coming into Europe. The protagonist of the film, is a wolf who faces deportation from Norway or death at the hands of hunters. Roaming/Walking through landscapes around  the Norwegian, Swedish boarder the wolf speaks about his life and that of his family and their persecution over many years. 

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