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Nicolas William Hughes (b.1984) Is a conceptual artist from South Wales. Hughes, has lived and worked in Norway for 5 years. His works aim to pose questions surrounding specific aspects found within humanity's relationship with non-human nature and what that potential relationship could be in the future. Hughes also has a ongoing focus on landscape, creating works which discuss landscape in a contemporary context.  

Artist Statement

 Recent inspiration on my practice has come from the contemporary redefining of such terms as Nature, Landscape, Environmentalism and Ecology. Through my works I explore new ways of understanding of nature, and the connection between humans and nonhuman entities. I also have an ongoing focus on landscape and the theory connected to landscape, I am interested in new ways of looking and depicting landscape through a contemporary lens. With my works I aim to explore underlying concerns that challenge our understanding of our place in the ‘natural world’.  I have become increasingly concerned with the changes of our planet due to a socio-political, economic and specifically anthropocentric standpoint. I have decided in recent years to engage my professional career towards developing works which form questions of social norms, common knowledge and unknowns with a focus on our connection/disconnection to, or our being a part of a much larger ecosystem.  I seek out connections or parallels between human society and non-human species and create art works that highlight these links, differences, or separations. My research is a tentative balance between varying disciplines, from contemporary politics, sciences, ecology, philosophy and contemporary theoretical theory. I often use absurdity and humor as a tool adding an element of openness to my work. My aim is that my art works are accessible to all, easily read but layered with underlying questions and queries. My practice to date has incorporated many mediums, my background is based in photography and video however my practice has diversified to focus on a more conceptual approach to artistic medium. As such Artworks I have created in recent times are not medium specific and instead the mediums used are dependent on the subject matter/s addressed. I have recently made works of installation, performance and works utilizing new digital technologies of 3d scanning, printing and virtual reality.

I often work with large long-term research projects, creating works as a series under the umbrella of a specific topic of research, this has included projects such as Tweeter a two-year project exploring human’s connection to garden birds, I Have Never Given Landscape much Thought  an ongoing, long term project involving a myriad of works which explore contemporary notions of landscape as an artistic medium and most recently If a Tree Makes a Sound a two year project creating art works which explore notions of ownership over nature, non-human sentience and human-centric ideals using trees both as a specific and metaphoric example with which to explore our contemporary relationship to nature or human connection to nature.


2016 - 2018

MFA, Art and Public Space, Kunsthøgskolen I Oslo

2009 - 2011

MA Contemporary Dialogues, Swansea Metropolitan University

2005 - 2008

BA(hons), Photographic Art, University of Wales, Newport

 2004 - 2005

Foundation/National Diploma Art and Design, Swansea Institute

Selected Exhibitions

March 2021-May 2021 Artist Residency,  P1 Project with Tenthaus Oslo and Tistedal Skole, Halden​

March 2021          Solo Exhibtion, Sarpsborg Kunstforrening, Sarpsborg


November 2020    Solo Exhibtion, Elysium Gallery, Swansea

November 2019    Hands Up!, Blunk, Trondheim

November 2019    Construction of a New Body, Kurant/Stakkevollan, Tromsø


June 2019              Sommer Utstilling, Østfold Kunstsenter, Fredrikstad

May 2019                 I Don’t Want to Be an Ant, Video screening, SALT, Oslo


May/June 2018       Traust, KHiO, Galleri Seilduken, Oslo


February 2018        Can’t See the Woods for the Trees/Made In Woods, Galleri Seilduken, Oslo


March 2017             Moan, group exhibition, KHiO, Oslo


March 2017             Hvem er redd for denne stor stygge, Video Screening, Kunstnerens Hus, Oslo


June 2014                Catherines tømmer Halden hjerte, Performance and public arts display, Tista river, Halden


May 2014                A Landscape of My Own Never Did Exist, Solo Exhibition, Galleri Wenda, Halden


February 2014       Mini Residency, Valand Accademy, Göteborg


February 2014        Bild Bild group exhibition, Rotor och Rotor2, Valand Accademy, Göteborg


September 2013     The Crossing Place of Road & River, Oriel Davies Gallery, Powys, Wales


January 2013         A Beautiful World, The Photographic Angle, London and various locations across UK


November 2012     100 years of photography at Newport, Group Show, Newport, Wales


September 2012    World Event Young Artists, Group Show/Arts Festival, Nottingham


July 2012                Being2, Group Exhibition, Queens Arcade, Cardiff


March 2012            The Script of the Stone and the Tongue of the Wave, AiR, Super Saurus Art space, Swansea,


September 2011     Tweeter, The ... Space, Mission Gallery, Swansea


May 2011                MA contemporary Dialogues, Swansea Metropolitan University, Swansea


May 2011                Vertical Cinema 6, Solo Presentation of the Tweeter Project, Gwdyhw, Cardiff


March 2011             Direct Action, Group Show, on•for•at video, institut für alles mögliche, Berlin


April 2011               The Birds in my Garden, Solo Exhibition, 8week Gallery, Old Motorcycle showroom, Bristol


April 2010               Chorus with the birds, Participatory project, In association with Bristol May Fest, Bristol



August 2018           Kulturrådet, diversestipend for nyutdannede kunstnere, Norway


June 2018                FKDS Stipend, Norway


March 2016            Halden Kommune Kulturmidler Grant, Norway


May 2015               Kulturrådet Prosjektstøtte visuell kunst Grant, Norway


March 2014           Halden Kommune Kulturmidler Grant, Norway


August 2013          Arts Council Wales, Small Project Grant


April 2013             Arts Council Wales, Research and Development Grant


March 2012          Arts Council Wales, Small Project Grant



September 2016, 4 Under 30, work of four young artists, Halden Kunstforrening, Halden, Norge


September 2015, I Want To Sing My Song, work by Kjell Cahmina, Wenda, Halden, Norge


June 2015, I Wish You Could Be Here To See Me Now, work by Inger Birgitte Richenberg, Wenda, Halden, Norge


May/June 2013, Heimer, Group Exhibition of four young female photographic artists from Norway ,The Cove, Swansea, UK


June 2010, Journey and Memory, Exhibition/Event, Curator Group Exhibition, Three Cliffs Gallery, Swansea, UK


December 2009, The Gower arts: Winter, Curator Group Exhibition, Three Cliffs Gallery, Swansea, UK


September 2009, The Gower Arts: Young Contemporaries, Curator Group Exhibition, Monkey bar/ gallery, Swansea, UK


June 2009, The Gower arts: Spring festival, Curator Group Exhibition, Three Cliffs Gallery, Swansea, UK


August 2008, The ʻParadiseʼ Project, Curator Group Exhibition, Elysium Gallery, Swansea, UK

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